FOTD : Fleeing Foxgloves

A sad photo today, for FOTD. I suspect these pretty foxgloves were not pretending to be dead in a last ditch run for freedom to sit in a crystal cut jar in someones kitchen. No I suspect someone had picked them and had seen someone coming, panicked and left them on the floor. Its probably illegal to pick wild flowers but they could be a dubious fact of the day, (for all you die hard Ministerians).

Is nothing sacred in this world? Those flowers had no idea what was in the part of the wood where they lie now, maybe we’ll get a few foxgloves there next year, is that going to affect the local ecosystem? Who knows?



  1. Aha poor things. There may yet be foxes boxing in their brand new World.
    Here they are so ecosystem ferocious one cannot grow a perfectly useful introduced species ,even though,in some dim dark past,they introduced it.
    We had wanted some Salt Bush because it is fast growing and would have made a great hedge. They murdererd it.😥

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