Year Zero: Day 71.


Well this Covid juggernaut keeps rolling on as official lockdown creeps perpetually into week 10 officially since the pubs shut. Our Government, ignoring the Cummings debacle, seems to have the notion that as we have been in lock down for this long, it’s time we come out. So with characteristic chaotic bluster, Johnson the traitor to the people, decides to start to raise the shutters on the shops. We know the economy needs to start up, we know people need to start buying shit quality underwear from Primark because underwear seems really expensive anyway, the same factories make the stuff, in the same factories in appalling conditions but the label changes everything. Shallowness in Vanity.

The figure by which all things are determined is the “R” number, I was going to say rate, but I think R stands for Rate anyway, the Rate Rate number. This R needs to be less than 1 for the virus to subside and fuck off back into the sordid creatures from where it came, the circle of life. We are told the R number is between 0.7 and 0.9 at the moment, but who’s to say, we aren’t testing enough people so the figures are largely circumstantial on where and when the tests are done. The whole country allegedly may be averaging 0.9, but there are places which must be higher and likewise lower. 1 is good, anymore than 1 and we are really in the shit again, they estimate that 93% of the population haven’t yet had the virus, lets assume for a moment that the opening of the shopping centres and the sending of the children back to school doesn’t encourage a second wave, then all will be well, but I really feel we are underestimating this and wether or not I’m out playing tennis, golf, having a BBQ, lazing around in Parks with my friends or cramming myself into TKMaxx to rummage through the racks of unspent jeans and shiny tracksuit bottoms, this Pox will continue. And I fear the worst.

I feel the government is now trying to forget the first wave of around 40000 deaths, and make a play towards how prepared they are for the second wave, to “move on”. I could probably be forgiven for cynically thinking that they are still rooting for the Herd Immunity under the guise of pretending to be responsible, drawing a line under the first wave, with the tag line of “we were learning” and we had no warning” but patently this is wrong, when you look around the world at all the countries who managed to control this plague. Britain is officially a laughing stock, and the tactics and empathies of this government are seemingly randomly thrown together like smoke particles under a microscope (10 points for remembering the name of that) or like a circle in a spiral corkscrewing down and down into the earth below us. Who knows maybe the policy will work just as the tip of the corkscrew emerges on the underside of the flat earth, which seems to have as much kudos as the Tories have over these last few years, rapidly destroying the economy, destroying trust, dividing communities and now playing a significant part in the deaths of 10’s of thousands of people since March.


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