Friday Fictioneers:Up, Up; Only Up

Once again Rochelle has pulled one out of the bag with the considerable effort it must take to keep this band of Merry Pranksters and FF’s engaged and firing on all cylinders (excuse the pun) thanks also to Ronda del Boccio for the photo, i’m correct in saying it is the inner workings of a hot air balloon. Not sure whats going to come to me today, this afternoon, so thinking cap on, and…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Earth had stopped spinning, the Coriolis effect ceased to have an influence on the atmosphere, resulting in the weather being perpetually sunny where the clouds weren’t and perpetually dull where the clouds remained.

This was how it would remain, unless someone could work out how to get the Earth spinning again.

Geoff’s hot air balloon business had changed from one of exploration to one of voyeurism as the balloons could only travel on the Y axis, and Geoff had worked out where the young virile types lived and exploited this for perverts who liked to ride in his basket.

Well that turned out completely different to how I thought it might have, who knew! 100 words on the nose.


  1. What a horrid thought! Do figure out how to get it spinning again, would you?
    Geoff… well, who can blame him. A guys gotta make a buck in these trying times…

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