Year Zero: Day 84


I’m seriously doubting if i can take the excitement in Worcester right now, its almost reaching fever pitch here in the West Midlands, burgers are queuing for a long time and/or people are queuing for the burgers who are also queuing, each one of us social distancing in the queues and also the burgers, 2 metres apart, around the block, out of the retail park and halfway back to the motorway onto the A449 Eastbound.

I have to ask my self if a burger is really worth queuing for, i’ve always equated McDonalds with masturbation; you have a 5 minute rush and then feel dirty. So queue all you want and inure yourself to the new world order. This isn’t going to change anytime soon I wouldn’t have thought.

In exciting home news, the wild flower border or weed border as it is probably going to be named when more of the green shoots start to show, at the moment the green shoots look a lot like the weeds we have become accustomed to in the past, maybe the Twist will be that we’ve dug up the old weeds only to replace them with another box of weed seeds similar to what came before. But then in the words of my wise and learned friend Dr S, “A weed is only a plant in the wrong place”

Looks at all the weeds queuing outside the Mc Donalds.

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