Friday Fictioneers: Fiddler on the Roof

We have a situation here Rochelle a theme is developing and I really don’t know what it says about my state of mind in these testing times, maybe it says nothing, but I just had a thought and I now must write it, and Rochelle, why are you taking photos of window cleaners legs?! So without further ado.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Great Ladder purge of 2038, when all ascent to any upper floors was banned after the Dictator’s unfortunate tumble from his mini-stepladder in the kitchen, trying to reach the ice-cream-maker, had left many window sills in need of attention.

Some decorators had taken to the roofs and balconies, living a life of suspension over the town, away from the bottom feeders, and took it upon themselves to redecorate the “Eaveslands”and “Balconyshire”. The traditionalists preferred a penticeboard.

Among the more nefarious roof ramblers were those carrying a wide paint roller, but only to wipe the filth from the ladies bathroom windows.

There we are, another perverted take, but 100 words anyway, hope you all enjoy it!!


  1. What’s with the puny font making me strain my eyes? And what is with NOT using your usual image in the Hollywood Squares?
    As for this… of course they needs must keep those filthy windows clean so’s they can take a look-see…

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  2. Not sure what to make of this, the story or the painfully variable font sizes. If the main body was meant to be BOLD please desist forthwith.
    And why did you tell me you were 29 this week and then inform Dale you are in your 40s?
    Basically what I am trying to say is this.
    What is happening here?

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    • I can’t have told you I was 29, it’d be a typo. The bold beneath the photo is the story, the rest is just noise! The story is about the ladder drought due to the dictator’s accident, etc etc… I am 49 in a few months mores the pity


      • Laughing. Maybe you can’t have, but you did! On my blog:
        ‘I don’t suppose you can see mine can you? I’m 29 this week, I had to edit it because some of my intro was really small font’
        I did get that the bold was the story, personally I find it hard on the eyes.
        And I understood the story, I was poking fun at the absurdity of it amidst the general mayhem of your font disasters!
        It was meant as a joke, apologies for any offence caused.

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      • None taken at all🤣👍I have no idea why I told you I was 29 this week, I’ve never thought that! Wish I was though!! I have no idea about the font problems, literally none at all. If I ignore it will it go away?!!


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