Friday Fictioneers. Power Problems.

The good intention to start early in my time zone, Rochelle, has once again fallen on hard times. School learning for my boy and ferrying my 16 year old girl around not to mention a spot of work and a siesta which always leaves me grumpy and unnecessary when woken to play football, left me, as usual, behind the curve and as a result I will not be making it into the top 20. I haven’t checked yet, thats the excitement of it all. So without further ado I’d best say thanks to Todd Foltz for a beautiful shot and crack on…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The mighty river reduced to a trickle, when the Dam was constructed. A new power source was needed.

The Village’s ecosystem systematically flipped yielding only  production of orange fruit and vegetables; Papaya, Butternut-Squash, Carrots, Persimmon, Sweet-Potato, Oranges.

Monumental dietary levels of Vitamin A led to endemic Alopecia amongst the population. 

Persimmon juice has wondrous properties, extracting solar energy  when rubbed onto the bald pate in the latter parts of the day. The energy passes through the body and out through the feet into a bucket of carrot juice. There the villagers made carrot-cake cubes which they fed into the generator.

And that is how electricity is made in 100 words. Todays lesson with my son was science funnily enough!


  1. With all the ways to harness electricity, it’s amazing how badly we’ve botched the process.

    In the early days of COVID, my friend was researching how much of each fruit one would have to consume for them to die. I only heard of orange and pineapple. It was ridiculously large amounts. Your story reminded me of that.


  2. Dear Shrawley,

    I’ve heard it said that a bald pate is a panel for solar energy. You’ve proven my point. 😉 Perhaps I’ll cut back on those carrots, my go-to snack. To be fair, I eat heirloom carrots so not all of them are orange. Some are yellow and others are purple. (would you expect less from me? 😀 ) You make me smile whenever you make your appearance.



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