Year Zero: Day 107


My dogs got no nose.



But how does it smell?

It’s got a gadget on it’s neck.

Thats the end of the joke and presumably this will aid the smelling and may well work on a scratch and sniff basis, remember them, those stickers? No? Then difference is with my joke is that the punch line might be, after the protagonist asks how does it smell, should be

“Bloody Awful”

But its not, as i’m injecting science into the joke and turning it into a discussion.

This is the final post of Year Zero for those of you that give a shit and so tomorrow I will have to come up with some equally catchy title for the anthropological shift which will manifest itself in the days and weeks to come.

Here Plague here.

I know lets layoff the whole of the front of house staff of all the theatres and venues and live performance arenas. Lets not bother funding the arts because its all a load of bollovks and we can all watch reruns of Friends and Rainbow for the rest of the time, the time we have to engage in anything other than shouting and snogging in the juicer, which we’re all going to be unto in 8 hours or so.

Our glorious leader said we had to be responsible and not to start drinking until until 6am. Wise words, i’m going to get some kip in.

Tomorrow will be another day, and we shell see what sort of day it is in less than 10 hours.

Watch the telly for the leaders of the virus.

One comment

  1. I will have to come up with some equally catchy title ..
    suggestion on back of a post card … = Plus 1 for ROYL… “ride of your life ” post lock down


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