Head Soup

I’m not sure how I did it or why. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen for it to continue in this fashion. We’ve fallen out of love, and I can only think its due to the shadowy explorations of the software engineers, trying to get into my mind and mess with my poor head because that’s what I feel is happening.

The robots incharge are slowly but surely pushing the luddites, of which I include myself into the abyss. Having criticised my folks for not diving into the silver surfing world years and years ago, preferring to stay in a static stasis of silicon soup, clinging to the croutons before they dampen down become soggy and sink to the bottom taking my folks with them. They can’t escape the mush at the bottom of the soupy cup, they don’t even tread water now, using the fax machine to copy emails which they barely get to see and printing off vast forests of emails threads, again and again.

They reached their elastic limit of technology advancement many many years back and had no desire to venture further into the Megabyte Metropolis, and why would they? They had an income, which they received via cheque or DD for the most part and why should they bother with it all if it had no impact on their earnings? They reached 60 and said well thats that, the internet will pass like laser discs and everyone will get back to normal. That didn’t happen.

Now it seems even less likely to happen, until the apocalypse when some joker pulls the plug of the internet out of the wall and we are all left wondering how we go shopping, and how the tills will work and on and on. 

 Sadly now I am starting to feel less like an aspiring writer and more like an IT consultant without a fucking clue as to what I am meant to be doing here on WordPress. How the fuck am I meant to keep the flow of my words going when theres pop ups all over my page, asking me if I want to start another block, what’s a fucking block, why would I want to start another when I didn’t want to start one in the first place anyway and how is it better to me than a paragraph. To classify me as a Luddite is way short of the mark as I use tech stuff everyday at work. And i’m not resistant to change but I am creeping up to 50, slowly, and I’m starting to question the validity of this WordPress alteration in so far as I am concerned. I feel like my folks, I’m starting to think that tech is great but I don’t need to get further into it when all I am doing is posting pretentious photographs and penning petty prose. I don’t need and am cross that I am being asked to change my preferences, when all I want to do is write, and instead am grappling with the Skinny Jeaned Hipsters. Fuck you. I’m nearing my elastic limit when I’m thinking well maybe I could stop developing here, maybe I could start to read a bit more, to sit under my event shelter over my new garden furniture and just chill the fuck out, travel in my own head soup.

I can probably survive now and probably have no need for anymore computer knowledge, but I fear this will not be the case. It’s perfectly clear to me that everyone in technical power means to Frustrate me on a personal and professional level by expecting me to understand the intricacies of this IT evolution. Only this week I received an enormous box containing a very small tablet from work. Tons of packaging, the bins were already out and full so I’m to make a trip to the tip now, or leave the cardboard outside for it to soften and then stuff it into the wheelie bin by climbing up onto my stepladder and leaping up and down in the glass and cardboard, a surefire way to confirm the neighbours suspicions about me. No instructions, no note, and only one e-mail with a link to loads of documents which I can’t read on my new Tablet because I’m having to execute operations on this new tablet while reading the instructions, and i can’t print anything off because I don’t have the drivers AND I can’t just get the drivers off the internet because the Tablet is surrounded by an impenetrable chastity belt which won’t allow me to fuck it up. 

Please let me be, we’ve no time to spend on this shit, I need to look for my copy of Trout Mask Replica, and that will take me a very long time. Cheers


  1. You said it, Shrawley. I’m years older than you, so you can imagine my frustration, about ten times more than yours. After all their tinkering, WP editor is that much more weird and arcane, and that much less productive ttime-wise. Maybe all the “skinny-jeaned hipsters” 😂 want from us is to just sit and watch what they put out in videos and podcasts and not so much meet our need to do our own creative bits. Who knows except pleasing us is not at the top of the list. Here’s to our attempts to adjust without TOO much cursing!

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  2. You have worn me out. I am much older but appear to be adaptable to change. Don’t let frustrations get to you.
    As for excessive packaging I am with you all the way. Cardboard and paper don’t care as much as frigging plastic shit and tiny foam balls that let static take over.

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