Wretched Pattie.


With the inevitable further decent into uncertain times, apparent  food and fuel shortages, the government ever more draconian in its handling of the situation has taken advice from across the water and has stockpiled tins of soup for the military to attack anyone who opposes the idea of the winter curfew. Electricity will be reserved for the public schools, whereas the state operated schools will be taught by candlelight after dark as during daylight hours the pupils will be needed to harvest the weather spoiled meagre crops and the poor souls who have died through malnutrition and/or starvation. The corpses will be mixed with the ergot infected corn and shaped into wretched grey coloured patties and fed to the middle and lower classes, affecting their judgement and sending them back into a wretched servitude.

However the lower classes will be able to watch the Eton-Westminster Rugby union grudge match through the protective fencing which surrounds the broken corpse filled minefields which surround all High fee paying schools.

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