Snail Snog

Seems odd I suppose to think that next week my Children will be packing their satchels, buckling their sandals, and donning their boaters and heading back off to school. It’s been pretty much 6 months since the shit storm first hit with ruthless abandon, killing practically everyone over the age of 60 in a care home in its wretched wake. Life will never be the same for the families affected by the virus, and now as the hapless government blunders its way from calamity to car crash televised interview and tries to shift the narrative to that of everything getting back to normality. By opening the shops and the schools, the bowling alleys and the piss filled ball pits in the soft play areas, folk are lulled into a false sense of security. Mask wearers are in a majority, and rightly so, but for the anti-maskers to protest of their civil liberties being curtailed rings the same as the anti seat belt wearers and the advocates of drinking and driving. Just fucking do it you morons. To be fair the government explanation of why we must wear masks was woefully inadequate in its description. If they’d just said wear a mask to protect others, and let that be an end to it, then maybe just maybe the fuckwits who still choose to walk around Asda eating crisps and drinking revolting energy drinks, their tracksuit bottoms slung low on their hips, might have understood and done what was asked, but its too late for that, the avalanche of anti maskers marching in cities building up media attention is like a cliff to jump from for a lemming.

Our kids have to wear masks in school now, at certain points,  in corridors, and on  public transport, but not in lessons. It makes me think that we, as parents and carers may well be thrown back into the firing line, but at the cost of our children’s education. I want them to go back allowing us as full time and partial homeworkers to  bask in the silence of no Taylor Swift and of No Fortnight, Fifa and Youtube videos of other people playing Fifa and Fortnight listening to Taylor Swift. 

So we’ll wait an see what happens, when my daughter is sat in her tutor group with her Tutor who once danced with the muppets and insists they call him by his first name, how very progressive. Whilst the silent invisible inevitable gains momentum and visits our doorsteps and permiates into our kitchens and bedrooms again. I hope this all goes well, I hope it all goes according to the shambolic plan, but one thing is for certain, the politicians in Government have been very remiss to wheel out Sir Chris Whittey or any of the other scientists lately. 

I wonder if they think that if the scientists aren’t there, then there is no longer any science and the control of the pandemic will be orchestrated by the ghost of Paul Daniels; 

“Some people will undoubtably die, not a lot!”

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