I’m considering trying to avoid the creeping rumble of this shit storm of news from both the telly and online broadcasting platforms. The number of cases rises as the kids go back to school and university, but then I don’t really know what they thought would happen. There is a sad inevitability to the second surge, we were all braced for it during proper lockdown because the weather was fine and we could sit in our gardens or take a walk in the park provided we didn’t get too close.

Our Government now is starting to blame the younger folk for the surge in cases, yet another blame game, not all young folk are Covidiots, not all lack the understanding or common sense of the overenthusiastic minority. Christ none of these kids have had leavers parties or proms, they must be chomping at the bit to get out and back interacting with their peers. And because they are preparing to get back to school, college, university, whatever they are seen as an easy target. Lets not forget the “Anti-maskers” selfish dickheads protesting at the loss of their civil liberties from wearing a small piece of cloth over their faces when out and about, for Christ sake I’ve got it bad, I wear glasses and no amount of fiddling about with my mask can prevent them from steaming up. This is what the government wanted all along, herd immunity, and to be fair its probably the most effective way to cull the virus, but at what cost? When I see some head of Government department wheeled infront of the press to spout some sort of mindless assuming bullshit, attempting to persuade the viewers that they have all the answers and a plan in place, which thus far has been basically broadcasting to us what has happened. It’s like going into Currys (electrical wholesaler) and asking an assistant to tell me the pros and cons of buying one washing machine against another, and for that assistant to simply read to me the specification label on top of the machine. I can do that you fucking moron. And this is how I see the governments reaction to this virus. They have no answers, they only tell us what is and what has happened.

To be honest I’d be slightly more respectful if they told us they don’t have a fucking clue what to do next, similar to daubing charcoal crosses above homeowner’s doors, or trying to read the water through a crack in the drain, predicting who is going to get it next is a lottery, and how many.

So a sad day for us all, world wide, I can only see disaster ahead, and a winter hunkered down inside. The kids will more than likely get it at some point and more than likely bring it home, and we shall more than likely catch it too, and more than likely will not be able to see Mum and Dad at Christmas and more than likely will end up with another lockdown. So with that in mind I’m going to order a shed load of logs for the fire, and burn all my furniture.


  1. It’s a huge clusterfuck over here in Melbourne. We’re forced into further lockdown, businesses closed, kids out of school until October or November, all because our premier whose covidiocy is to blame for the second wave, refuses to own up and is trying to eradicate the virus (where, where I ask, has this happened? Nowhere.We need to learn to live with this thing, like the flu) so that, come election, in 2022 he can say he got rid of ‘rona. I just hope people’s memories are long enough to recall this fucking epic cock-up!


  2. Steamed up glasses. I made my own cloth mask and used a semi-ridged nose bridge sown between the cloth. Works a treat. I am frustrated hearing the experts use the phrase “there is no evidence”, what the fuck! It seems that people only respond to personal experience and don’t understand that Covid 19 will spread like a wild fire 🔥 If unchecked.
    Should we be afraid? When did you last give your immune system an MOT,?
    Thank goodness it is not Ebola.

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