300, not Thermopylae

Like some Hippy cousin of the Grim Reaper this is now how I am feeling, on top of the world for I have 300 disclples at my rather shoddy blog.

This is enough, I think, to gain cult status and to really shake things up. First I need a lair and a place to house all of you folks. I’m hoping to move to a new village later this year which has a field to the back of the house over the hedge, I’ll put a really high fence and some razor wire up and you can hunt down thew hares and muntjacs whilst I watch from my chaise long on the landing squashing overripe mangoes and playing Aphex Twin on a continuous loop until some one comes, takes me away in a yellow van and locks me up.

Be careful what you wish for and even more mindful of who you follow, I love you all incidentally.


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