Friday Fictioneers:Semolina Pink

Oh my Giddy Aunt (I’ve no Aunts left, they’re all dead, sadly). Its this time of the week again, and I woke up last night with a fully formed story, linking back to a tale way back when I first joined this band of brothers and sisters. So thank you Rochelle for the oportunity to provide a short sequelo to a short prequel, and thank you CE Ayr for providing the photo; what an awful boat. I’ll get cracking so .

On My Marks…

Get Set…



Read this, its a prequel to a hopefully fine conclusion to the story, its been a long time coming…Quince Greed

Years together on the island, the quince dwindling; Owl and Pussycat were beginning to drift apart so Owl left. Scuppering the Pea-Green Boat on the rocky shore opposite.

The end of the Quince Age”, some said, but the penchant for quince jelly died when people realised they had no idea when or where to use it.

Milky Raspberry Jam, he liked Milk and Raspberries, so together with a Stowaway (some say kidnapped) Shrew he set off to rediscover Semolina and Jam, which was barely tolerable first time round , in a suitably coloured Milky-pink boat so as not to arouse suspicion.

You know when you write something and its not as good as you thought it would be? That, 100 words of this stuff.


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