Green Cow

Not being much of a restaurant critic, on account of not really going to many restaurants of late, see lockdown blues, etc. Mrs T and myself today visited a beautiful restaurant in the heart, right in the heart of the Worcestershire Countryside, a mile and a half down a narrow road, through fields, over cattle grids, through small woods to settle at a farm where pretty much all the food served there was grown or from the farm or estate where we found ourselves.

The Green Cow, it’s called; which started off as a hobby, with a couple catering for friends in a barn, on one long table covered in a massive cloth, and has now blossomed in to a really modern contemporary building serving quality dining in a modernist building, made from glass and steel, snuggled in soft wood. Beers from the local Wye-Valley brewery, Ciders too. Wines from all over the world stored in a well, accessed by a spiral staircase, the wines changing in variety as you descend, covered with a hinged glass top.

The food was superb, Baked beetroot, with feta and a spicy sauce, kale covered in parmesan, honey roasted carrots and rare beef to melt in the mouth, extra gravy if needed, which it always is where i’m concerned. All this made for a superb lunch minus the sproggs, and the upstairs toilet has the best view from a toilet in WR6 i’d wager. 

This is why i’m not a restaurant critic, but in 3 days the Green Cow will have to shut again for a month, probably more, but it won’t be the last time we visit, next time we’ll bring friends, and book a taxi and once again swim in the hubbub of conversation and wine. 

See you soon Green Cow


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