Nov 3: Oblique Strategies

Do We Need Holes? is today’s Oblique strategy, Eno and Schmidt’s effort to stave off artist’s block, lets see what comes of it.

The polo mint wouldn’t exist, and ear piercings and with that the collapse of civilisation, not into a dirty great hole but an ever increasing pile of detritus, no where to go. Burrowing animals will emerge blinking into the light, picked off by gigantic raptors, swooping relentlessly mole after mole, evolutionarily boosted by the abundance of land based prey.

Up in the kingdom of Clifton, the election is  hotting up with the two candidates from north and south Clifton upon Teme fighting for supremacy, over the right to sit on the comfy leather topped bar stool at the bar of “The Lion”. The candidate for the North hopes to abolish wind and harness the power of still air with a massive push toward establishing huge fields of “Still-mills”. The candidate to the South plans an Anarchistic Retro State Establishment (ARSE) where huge fires are built where all farm machinery will be thrown thus ruining the agricultural industry and finally toppling the Pastoral Mafia who tend to dominate local pubs and spend their time grumbling and sneering at newcomers, through acrid smelling Dark Mild breath.

We do anticipate a result this evening, but this could run and run, the general population are on tenterhooks and the general consensus from both sides is the need for holes in which to throw the loser and their supporters.

Fuck Trump

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