Nov 7: Oblique Strategies

Today’s Oblique Strategy, provided by Eno and Schmidt is  Use Filters.

Sometimes when i’ve had a busy day, rudely awoken with 15 minutes to get up, get tea, drink tea and have shower, so we are ready for an appointment at our new house. The length of the American election and the prolific Tweeting of utter bollocks by the now (nearly) ex-president of the united states has kept me busy. I’m staying up too late to watch sensationalist American pundits blind us with their superlatives, last night it was about 1pm before I went to bed, this must stop.

We managed it, just about, to get to the house, meet the wardrobe man, the man made out of wardrobes with shelves for arms and drawers for feet. Not getting dressed and showered properly leaves me uneasy in the presence of strangers and authority, now that i’m no longer bullet proof, i’m 49 on Monday for christs sake and I feel the age spreading across my body with the diversity of aches and pains, huffs and puffs. The disorganised nature of my mind right now doesn’t help, so much to get sorted, with the house move, the spectre of teaching my daughter to drive too doesn’t help, and the unfounded worry of the house falling through. Theres a lot to think about and even more to forget about, to preserve my sanity. 

But we’ve sorted wardrobes, met a carpet fitter, who’s given us the name of a floor fitter, they’re available before Christmas and so subject to everything going swimmingly, and theres no reason why not then a pre Christmas drink in our new Clifton Local is very really a possibility provided our PM unlocks the door from the lockdown. We’ve also assumed a floor tile, and then disproved the floor tile as we compared it to the new kitchen, not in our place, in the neighbour’s house, they’ve got the same one… 

So in the absence of any pretty photographs for my blog today, i’ve got so many shots but some of them are a bit same (it has been said once, that person will never talk again as I took their tongue out). In these situations its best to take a shot, trim it down, straighten it up and apply a filter. It makes my life out to be slightly more interesting that it might really be!

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  1. wow what a wonderful thing to go off to bed on. Happy birthday for Monday – you are just a couple of months younger than my eldest. He is called David, he is a teacher, and I am sure he had no trouble teaching his beautiful eldest daughter to drive. Though he is a little thin on top. I appreciate your imagery my wardrobe man is a midget that needs replacing before its drawers split and make him look silly.

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