Nov 8: Oblique Strategies

Down to Eno and Schmidt again, today’s Oblique Strategy is…

What is the Reality Of the Situation?

As Trump goes off to play golf  while the election results are called, snapped unfortunately for him with what appears to be a large skid mark up the crack of his arse, for a large proportion of the sensible book learning populous, an absolute delight. He refuses to accept the results and as time goes on his Tweets are more and more desperate as he launches himself further towards the magic slide at the base of the magic tree to cuckoo land where no doubt he will be meeting Jamie with his  Magic Torch, arguing the count eternally with Mr Boo and trying to avoid being arrested by Officer Gotcha who I’m sure would take a liking to the culinary merit of Trump’s golf clubs should the truncheons run out.

The rest of the world’s leaders begin and continue to berate the mad old dangerous coot in his multicoloured psychedelically insane musings from Cuckoo land. Let’s hope he stays there and continues to tweet as now a washed up despot who will plough his family fortune into fighting a ultterly futile election from the bottom of his arboreal slide, with Giuliani shouting incoherently at mushrooms, flowers and trees without a tidbit of sympathy from Strumpers Plunket who has only ears for a poorly tuned nose trumpet. 

It is with all these peculiar goings on that Trump might be forgiven for asking What exactly is the Reality of the Situation? The same thoughts that many of us have been thinking for the last 4 years.

Apologies to my American Cousins, I suggest googling Jamie and the Magic Torch


    • So, I learned that a helter-skelter was the type of arboreal slide… leading to a trampoline. The show looks like it was fun for kids. Trump is fundraising (grifting) from those who want him to bring lawsuits against the vote; the fine print says the money can be used to pay past debts.


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