Nov 15: Oblique Strategies

I’ve been away for several days and and avoided the Oblique Strategies as apparently I no longer have the issue of any sort of writers block, and so as a token of esteem to you dear readers, I’m back. So thanks to Eno and Schmidt here’s todays OS:

Do Nothing for as Long as Possible

The paradigm for my inactivity has been adhered to I think, to the letter, by myself in that I have ignored the internet, specifically wordpress for some days now. My Birthday came and went, we took an Italian takeaway (not pizza) and stuffed ourselves until we felt sick and unable to eat anything further. Losening our trouser buttons and removing our sweaters. The house is as cold as Greenland if we’re caught off guard with regards to a shortage in LPG. Thats the whole bloody problem with our house, it needs nurturing, it needs looking after; filling up the gas bottles, emptying and servicing the cess pit. And the time has come where the effort we put in to the upkeep of the house is yielding less satisfaction from living fun the house than we used to in thew past. It may have been called Marginal Utility, if I recall my poorly taught Economics A level, sold to us by a poisonous Dwarf type chap dressed in Children’s Tweed called Mr Gillings. He, like the rest of them was probably looked into by operation Yew-tree back in the day, our choir master, Mr Freake, was caught peddling child porn across the country in the back of his Mondeo, respectable car see, who’d have thunk, to use an awful turn of phrase. Ive still got the clipping from the Daily Mail, Mum cut it out and sent it to me, she saw the name of the school and thought it was probably a good thing, acted on impulse, her mind blind to the atrocities that the wretched man committed. Tomorrow the surveyor comes to point out we’ve got damp in the walls and tell it to our buyers who will then threaten to pull out unless we let them off several thousand pounds, probably or maybe not. Its an old house and we intend to move to a brand new house which makes me feel like a fraud, but this is the way of the world and thanks be to Dog.

So for my gap of 5 days in the Oblique Strategies I am sorry, for the lack of original photographs I’ve taken for a while, I am sorry and for the lack of contact I have had with solicitors, mortgage advisors and estate agents recently, they should be sorry, it seems to me that their mantra form where i’m standing is “to do nothing for as long as possible” which brings me back to my excuses for not feeding the WordPress horse, my lack of mobility of fingers across the keyboard has been astonishing of late.

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