Nov 17: Oblique Strategies

Schmidt and Eno created this, I decided to get involved in this so Simple Subtraction is todays Oblique Strategy

I’m not going to lie to you, the Simple Subtraction of daily contact with strangers has to a certain extent altered my Qi  to the extent that I feel slightly less exuberant and more reflective. Christ this Plague is dull; one the one hand I am thankful for my health but shifting to my other hand, the one which should be holding a pint of Butty Bach in a country pub, has now started to show signs of arthritic pain brought on by the amount of mindless typing I have been doing for the last 200 days or so. Remember the first lockdown? The sun, the endless flow of records intercepted through the post in an effort to circumnavigate the record detector (Mrs T), the coffees on the front step in sun glasses chatting to my neighbour as he tended to his lawn and nurtured it to rude health, which puts my lawn to shame as Benny Dog disappears into the darkness of the winter garden and returns, his nose dusted with wet brown mud, his claws dropping clods of earth all over the house. Just because its dark, week we all know what he’s up to, the sly bastard. 

Take away the sun, the ability to sit on a wall and not to inflame or activate piles as the milky skies do little to warm up any outdoor surfaces, the patio furniture is under wraps, the cushions tucked away at my folks house, and no where Pile safe to rest ones arse anymore.

I miss my friends, I miss the pub, I miss walking through town grabbing the paper and stopping off next to the thoroughfare for a drink and to watch folk. Its the simple things I miss, and the imposition of a structured really boring routine is driving me mad, with the House move stressing me out as the solicitors move at a snail’s pace due to a massive backlog of work. Thousands of folk I imagine are in the same fucking boat as I am, but what I’d do to be on a real boat leaving Akayaka for a day trip to Cleopatra’s Island. It’s not happening any time soon, sadly, even with the vaccine, I feel like I’m staring down the barrel of at least another 6 months of Tedium.

On a positive note, thanks WordPress, thanks everyone for indulging me and producing beautiful interesting prose and poetry for me to read on a never ending flow of creativity. I feel blessed to be a part of this.

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