Friday Fictioneers: Ice Aged.

 Well, I was trying to write something early today, but pesky work and lethargy in front of the fire, which I think still has that evil paint on which makes you sleepy, might have affected my judgement. So thanks to the stateliness of the wonderful Rochelle who keeps these things together, once again the FF can rise above the catastrophe that is the government’s response to the plague. Interesting photo from CEAyr so thinking cap on…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


She remembered when the paving glistened with ice; the frigid rain would fall and form rivulets in the patterns, gradually slowing as the night extended towards the witching hour, before finally crystallising into a gelid stencil.

The land varnished in an algific laminate for months on end. And then came the thaws, where the rivers ran in torrents, an outpouring of life giving elixir, colourising the meadows as the insects busied themselves harvesting  pollen for our bounty in the months to come.

That was before the devastation of our actions was understood. All that remained was dust and petrified shadows.

Bloody hell, that was cheerful wasn’t it! 100 words on the nose, fingers crossed this is not what the future holds.


    • Thanks Rochelle, I think since the virus really took hold my FFs have been pretty bleak, must say something about my mood I guess. Bring on the vaccine, although to be fair I’m way down the list so I doubt I’ll be much before summer for the needle


  1. Lookit us side by side this week!
    Your use of the thesaurus was outstanding and I have to agree, very poetic and hopefully not prophetic! (though we are doing our best to make it happen, eh?)


  2. Dark, and yet somehow optimistic. Well done.
    And thanx for the word ‘algific.’ My favorite dictionary site doesn’t know it. I had to do some research – which thrills me. It may become one of my future Word Of the Week posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow!! High praise! I’ll check out your word of the week posts too. I’m afraid I love getting into the thesaurus, wish I could say I knew the word before but weirdly it rang a distant bell somewhere, a lost memory or merely imagined?


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