Money for Old Rope

Avid followers of this shambles, and there are millions, would probably realise that I’m, we’re moving house. This was meant to happen today and about 3 weeks ago I would have thought i’d be languishing amongst a forest of boxes, on a sofa in the middle of the lounge sipping a glass of red. This was before the kitchen debacle, the Italian factory under covid and closing down for two weeks before sending our kitchen over to Britain on the edge of the Brexit cliff and into the abyss, to who knows where. Our politicians are failing terribly, there seems to be no plan and the whole situation is a web of lies and deceit.

This is the problem we have encountered since the Italian kitchen Factory came out of Covid lockdown; the delivery of the kitchen has been promised by the developer, the estate agent, and the lady in the show home, all three parties told me, categorically  that it would be here last Tuesday and they would be cracking on with the completion of the house forthwith. Imagine my sadness when i visited on Wednesday to find nothing, nothing had been done to finish off the house and make it fit for habitation. I organised wooden flooring, fitters, a removal company who has to come and move us out of here in 5 days, take all our stuff and put it in the new house, we have to wait until friday before we can move in, before we get the keys. This is all die to the lies and deliberate avoidance of our solicitor, the incompetence of the developer’s solicitor and the bullshitting of the overly made up lady in the show home. The type of lady who I have met before, and worked with before who would rather tell a lie to the customer to get them off her back and sort the issue out later, kick the can further down the road.

Regards the solicitor; well lets just say she doesn’t return my calls, she keeps asking me the same questions and for the same documents over and over and over again, honestly I may as well have employed a basket of kitties at the beginning of this sorry process. I’m sure moving house wasnt this stressful 16 years ago when we moved in to Frogpool, but then again we were 33 and had not a care in the world. Now given the preference I desire warmth, hot water, reliable heating and a decent cooker. Its not too much to ask is it?



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