Friday Fictioneers: If Music be the Food of Love; SHUT UP!

Bit more upbeat this week? No. Theres not a great deal to be upbeat about, aside form we have our health, and we have a roof over our heads, but as the UK moves into lockdown and drops further down, unfortunately folk are finding life hard to earn a crust. So thanks to the hero Rochelle who surely will receive a commendation from the now, Count Of Clifton, for services to keeping folk on the straight and narrow. Well done you. And also a massive pat on the back to the enormously talented and entertaining Dale Rogerson for her slightly mournful picture this week. As soon as I saw it I knew what it had to be about … That’s the test. So without further ado;

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Drums were in place, guitar tuned the night before, checked in the morning. The small string section had their place to the right, electronics and theremin took centre stage. Oddball Cliff Richard would have said, “We are Wired for Sound”

9 months later, the gear was in a pawn shop. Hoping to buy it back, but the temp jobs he’d taken barely paid the bills, not the retrieval of his old life.

Fingers all but rusted, his mind, mangled by stress and hunger, refused to create.

Only rhythm he heard now,

“Swish, Squeak, Swish, Squeak”, washing the windows.

A particularly moody piece on how the grassroots arts have been sidelined and seen as not terribly important to save during this pandemic. The government has constantly ignored the arts; the smaller local but incredibly important tribes, without smaller grassroots venues you don’t get the behemoths, but the money these small venues bring to the economy is huge. Many musicians have been forced to quit the BIZ and work somewhere else to pay the rent, many won’t come back. It’s 100 words, but there’s many more to be spoken.


  1. I’m absolutely sure the arts will come back with a bang when this is over. But yes, it’s incredibly hard right now for anyone who depends on insecure employment and for the service businesses.


  2. A very appropo piece. It is much the same way here in the USA. Many things remain closed, or altered schedules. Many times, grocery shelves are empty… especially things that come from outside the country. The venues where I’m able to sell my arts and crafts are closed, too. It bites. I usually make a good amount over the holidays that really helps a little in the grand scheme of life, but not this past holiday season. I’m hoping the markets will open back up by Spring. I don’t have the skills or knowledge to be able to sell things online. I looked into a few years back, but between all the biz licenses (6 all told) and actually having to pay to use my name in association with said biz, it was too cost prohibitive. The licenses alone for a year would be more than I could hope to make… so, the local (what we call) flea markets… like community yard sales, are the only way open to me. And they are closed indefinitely. It is a difficult time we live in. Normally, this time of year, I have many commisions in my planner… at the moment, I have 1 – and that’s from my Sister in law. I consider that one a “mercy” order.

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    • Its a real shame, the creative industries are screwed as far as I can make out and I really worry for the future. Have you tried selling your stuff on ebay? I’m sure you could sell some stuff there and not worry the tax man too much from there? I hope it picks up for you.

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      • I have never done Ebay. I’ve asked Bro to sell a few items for me there. They sold well, but the whole techno gadgetry of it confuses me. And, in Kentucky, you still have to have business license to use online sales…and they charge state taxes for ALL online sales and purchases. Screwed up system.

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  3. Oh Shrawls! You more than did justice to my little photo.
    I had a discussion with another FFer about how we needs not worry about the likes of giants like the Stones et al but the “little guys”, the ones who were just starting to make it – they are not the ones having fun singing in their kitchens for free.
    Excellent write.

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