A Metaphor for something…

I’ve been avoiding the news, because as the vaccine seems to give us hope the new mutation seems to take that hope away. Its fucking terrible for someone that believes the virus exists, for those that don’t well you can all fuck off and dine (I’m not a monster) For anyone who thinks laterally and with a modicum of common sense then I’d say this years trip to the Costas is probably off, however just in case, we’ve booked a couple of rooms in Turkey (secret location, don’t want the Hoi Polloi there to ruin everything) 

With torrential snow and rain flurries predicted for this week, the roads will grind to a standstill, wine from Europe won’t come and records from Europe will be double the cost due to insane Brexit postage rules, and tariff free tariffs which we may not but definitely will be subject to when we try and go about our normal lives. Thank God i’m not a fisherman, their industry is broken but apparently the fish are happy British fish according to that massive cunt Jacob Fucking Reece Mogg. His stocks will be fine and his family will be well catered for but the view of the majority of the sentient beings who can understand the 20th Century and how it works will surely be utterly appalled by such an awful and utterly un-appealing example of a Human being.

I often wonder how the awful blokes I met at school got on, maybe they’re fine, maybe they don’t care. But whenever I see the Politicking people who are taking us to the cleaners, without proper powder, and without the facility to dry our clothes when we are stood in a shit storm as we are now, then I die a little bit inside. 

Brexit is the bad news story that seems to be riding tandem with the number of deaths the UK is numbering; nearly 100,000. Will we get a prize for reading that number? Maybe “The most incompetent bunch of government dicks in the world” prize. There is no Good news. I can’t go to the pub, just at the end of a walk, not as a destination, merely a a stop off, it’s an infringement of my human rights. But because I care about other folk, i’ll suck it up and stay home, and grumble to anyone who has to listen.

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