eBay coin mither

Maybe I haven’t been concentrating but have the letters in my Blog got smaller, not the letters that people send me, they have remained the same; non existent or lost in the post. I’ve just got a feeling, last weekend I spent getting up too early to watch the India V England test cricket series, and maybe my witching hour fumblings with the remote control have similar repercussions here, mistakes made in volume control and thus potentially waking up the family translates to a smaller font. Well no one else seems to have any better explanations.

I’ve been trying to sell a load of old, but perfectly preserved, sets of coins on ebay this last week selling more than I didn’t sell, ive experienced some one winning the auction and then telling me they don’t want the coins, no apology, really bad spelling and atrocious grammar in the eBay message tennis we involved ourselves in. Surely the point of an auction is to bid the highest in an attempt to win the item which presumably you have been watching and yearning for every day of your life for the past15 years. But by telling me she didn’t want the coins, and I must cancel the sale, made me incredulous, not to mention navigating the site and working out how to do such a thing. emma06jane (I think thats her name, and I’ve blocked her from seeing anything else I may sell, because to be told to “cancel it because I just want the money” Seems a pretty accurate assessment as to what has gone on in the brief time we’ve known each other, and I have been trying to sell the items on eBay because I want the money; I don’t think that is too far off the mark. Anyway the conversation was going no where, so I called her insane, reported her to the person in charge and cancelled the sale. Only to be told by the person in charge that I can no longer sell coins. To say that I don’t understand would be a fair assessment, but then having read and avoided actioning an eBay email for 24 hours where another buyer asked me to send out an invoice combining the two items and halving the postage, would see where I stand on the intricacies of selling stuff on eBay.

The robust policy on coin sellers could maybe trace its routes back to the Crag Dale Coin Clippers of Calderdale, and if I continue to try and sell some minor family heirlooms which have been gathering dust for decades in my shit drawer, then maybe I could find myself thrown into prison along with the other Bad ‘uns who’ve just returned from a golfing holiday in Portugal. The world has indeed gone mad and the pandemic has taught me that I am gradually morphing into my Dad, who is an old man clinging onto his Fax machine, like one of the last surviving members of a tribe whose dialect will die out when he does. Alas the only person left with a fax on Earth is probably Alan Sugar, but will Amstrad talk to Brother? Who cares. 


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