Just keeps coming on and on…

Many reasons to be sanguine or cheerful parts 1, 2 and 3 this weekend. A crate of beer arrived from @brewdog; the lockdown survival kit, ironic as its coming at the back end of lockdown and i’ve got this far and do not intend giving up right now. It could be considered, however, that the kit could have come earlier and maybe sent out gratis to us folk propping up the economy rather than the government propping up the economy by concentrating on “the economy”. The news of 6 cases of the Brazilian strain appearing in Gloucestershire and Aberdeenshire has certainly made me think about my pubic region and maybe we should all shave for Britain. Any virus news is bad news and this news I made the mistake of watching tonight has certainly knocked me. I really hope this doesn’t spread and I really hope this isnt the end of the world. That this virus isn’t here to sort out the wheat from the chaff, to knock us out, natural selection brought on by humans doing what they shouldn’t do, chopping down all the trees and burning everything, and anything they cant burn they throw into the sea or throw into big holes in the earth. Fuck knows they could come and try and bury stuff in my yard or back garden as it should be called, the clay earth is so thick as to make it impossible to dig up the sod without forming a solid piece of matter which could spend a couple of hours in an east london like and then appear in the turbine hall of the Tate modern. 

We don’t know what to do with our garden and they don’t know what to do with the country and the people within, should we roll it, flatten it and hope for the best, or should we get hold of a garden Harrow and turn the place upside down; start again from scratch. I looked up garden harrow today, thinking there may be such a thing and all I ended up with was a load of gardens to look at in Harrow, which considering i’m not allowed beyond the fucking village shop legally is pretty unlikely. So the garden is a bone of contention with the developers who seem to be the only ones in the world who don’t seem to smooth out the gardens of the new houses they build. They don’t have to legally, but HCT homes (the shits) told me they “don’t do that”. Now i’ve worked in and around building sites for the last 22 years and its the first time i’ve heard a developer say that, which is fine for them to say so, but they are wrong.

Yesterday I spent much of the afternoon in the sun in the garden, unable to do anything because the garden is so laggy, so I procrastinated until 4pm, had a  beer from the survival kit, and realised that in my new village I probably have one of the best spots to live regards sun, view and silence. The sun goes down plunging the main part of the village into dusky gloom, whilst the sun sets across the valley  from me with noting in the way, not even a small hedge plant. The  view is amazing because the vista drops away from our garden across the valley and upto the copse on the horizon 3 miles away, thats about all I need to see. And the noise is only interrupted by the chirrup of unidentified flying birds dropping in to the bushes in the corner of the garden, the ones not interrupting the view. So that makes me feel quite smug and pleased that I’m not going to become the vampiric Count of North Clifton.

March is on the way and hopefully we can start emerging blinking and screaming into it, coming in like a lion and visiting “The Lion” (our pub) and getting stronger every day. It’s doing my fucking head in, this

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