The Tyranny of a New Hive

Far from being smitten by my move from my boss (largely ineffectual) to my new boss (Nobhead with little man syndrome and an inflated opinion of himself, not to mention an uncanny ability to believe the hype). So as I flit from one fungus to another fungus like a really pissed overweight Bumble bee who has lost his way, is fed up with solitary life but without the heart to end it all. He keeps finding himself resting on a saucer of sugared water, rescued from Bee-livion, Bee heaven and brought back to his own miserable existence trying to poison himself with Fly Agaric and dive bombing into sharp Ciders. The people are too nice, everyone loves a Bumble-bee, especially one that flies slowly and chaotically with a deep Buuzzzz sound.

So like a Bee journeying into a captured hive I fly; the worker bees shackled into bondage unable to free themselves from the tyranny of this stupid waspish character with the weight of his even duller manager insect man (small eyes, like an ant). And having taken advice from various folk the best solution is to keep quiet and try and find some worth in our job, try and pretend that it is actually quite important; its a long shot but i’ll give it a bash.

I’m aware that this new Boss likes to use the telephone,  I’ve spoken to him more these last days than my old boss in a couple of months, why can’t everyone just leave me alone to wait for the postman to bring records?


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