No Thanks for Quite a Lot Actually.

Another really tedious meeting at work today on teams, my last one with this particular group with whom i’ve shared ups and downs, well I say shared but really we all work remotely and so the only things we share are gripes of how shit the computers are we’ve been issued to do our job. Its the same the country over, shit equipment and yet we’re still expected to churn out those fucking widgets day after day, more and more until what we are doing becomes pretty much meaningless which I used think it wasn’t but after today’s meeting, my final one, before me and a colleague are moved to another group with another more insolent manager who, as far as I can see, micro manages us to within an inch of our lives.

Anyway, we’ve left the building so to speak and the boss didn’t even tell us to shut the door after we went, not so much of a thank you for your work over the past 4 years, more of a fuck you as we really don’t care what you do because you are all just little machines keeping time to the management drum. Afterwards I had course to consult a couple of my mates and they said too that it was a bit of a shitty send off for us both. Well Fuck you, Hagley man and everyone in the tier above me, you’re all a bunch of fannies to a certain extent, and one day i’ll set sail into the sunset, with or with out my carriage clock. 30 years with these twats is my limit I think, which gives me a little more than 8 years to go, when i’ll be embarking on a career pushing trollies around supermarket carparks. 


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