Friday Fictioneers: Not so Pearly Gates

Slighty late this week, as if thats a surprise, those that know me will know i’m eoither up with the lark or shuffling home with the owls, there is no in between. Thanks to the amazing Rochelle for keeping this ship sailing, we are stuck in thick pack Ice but the spring is coming, and hopefully the thaw, allowing us to go about our business again, here’s to all of us. Cheers Also thanks to Roger Bultot, for the shot. I saw this on Wednesday morning (the new Friday) and already had a fully composed tale. The in-between days have probably buggered that up, lets see.So..

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“But it’s proper shit, really” said Gabe.

“We are where we are,” answered Pete,”a few Christmas lights’ll brighten it up. A tray of squash and some quartered pickled eggs will make it right nice”

“Fucksake” muttered Gabe, as he trudged downstairs to pick up the box of polystyrene the bin men refused to take with the wine bottles and cardboard, telling him off at ridiculous o’clock when he was in his dressing gown.

He looked back up the stairs, cut-backs were hurting everyone, even having to pawn the pearly gates; heaven was like a really shit place on Earth.

Hope you like, I enjoyed this one, no editing, just straight out of the head, 100 words of Heavenly light for you.


  1. Interesting idea that Peter and Gabriel share a flat in some indistinct building. Unfortunately I was not able to accept their invitation to the party – I was too busy having a devil of a life.

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