What do you see?

Second time for me with the marvelous prompt from Sadje at Keep it Alive I know it was Sunday and I may be slightly late to the party, it being Tuesday Clifton Upon Teme Time but i feel a flurry of mental activity so i’ll see if I can nail this one before the rice cooks.

It was Mrs T’s birthday this weekend and I had two bulging sacks of seed ready.

If you had a garden with the constituency of the ground outside a Municipal Porta-Cabin Football changing room in a park in the depths of January, then you’d be keen to fertilise on a huge scale. 

So 30kg of grass seed was scattered and raked in over the weekend and Monday in an effort to prepare the grass for Croquet and Pimms this summer. And all the while the birds gathered in the hedgerow at the bottom of our garden chirping invisibly, there can’t be that many of them, waiting for the moment i’ve had enough and the blisters become too sore to rake anymore. 


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