Friday Fictioneers: Bats? Hares? Meh…

Sorry I’m late, we were in a plane crash and had to eat each others homework, etc etc… Hi Rochelle and all, you other fine folks who make this little corner of the internet your home, fabulous photo by Brenda Cox this week, could be a cracking tale to tell, lets see…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“We’ve all heard about the British May activity, claiming it’s Christian, but obviously Pagan; the Hare is fertility and rebirth, but the “sport” of Lamping the Hare after the  Bottle Kick, and then eating it. Well it’s abhorrent.”

“We were pissed, You try to carrying the barrel up the hill to Hallaton, fucking impossible, bust a few noses too”

“But then you eat a Hare?! Thats insane and not right, no one eats Hares”

“Know what?  It tastes like chicken, fucking delicious”

Months later restaurants and shops closed in Seoul, people died and the Hallaton Bottle-Kick was postponed for another year.

There we are, a take on the pandemic, it could have happened anywhere, much love and 100 words of your English language prose. Enjoy.


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