Friday Fictioneers: The Doors of Perception

Time: approximately too far beyond the actual time that the FF club is launched (still on a Wednesday) This week is a cracker from the eternal Rochelle and her partner in crime for this week Dave Stewart (Not from the Eurythmics)or maybe he is? Who knows? But the point, before I completely ruin everything is; a story with beginning, a middle and an end with only this picture for a guide. So with no further messing, here we go…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The billions spent on the Ferris wheel to cheer up the capital, had nothing compared to the work occurring in the psychedelics and genetics laboratories only 4 stops away on the 265 Bus.

Dr Feizenicastro was burning the midnight oil and feeding a cocktail of Mushrooms and saliva from licked Toads into the prized otherworldly otherwise dormant eggs discovered in a crypt by the earnest scientist Dr Brutonberg of the 1950s.

Whilst Dr F lay tripping his nuts off as Neu oozed from the speakers, the eggs glowed bright, the dribble from his mouth pooled on his chest as the moon shone brightly.

There we are, 100 words on the nose, I reckon, on the creative process.


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