Friday Fictioneers: Expansion Man

For Goodness sake, this bank holiday business is playing havoc with my diary, the fact that the bank holiday was full of torrential rainfall and so we spent the day sulking is neither here nor there. Since then the weather has been hopeless, today it snowed FFS, and now the rain is teeming down in frozen rods from Siberia, possibly. So it was only a few minutes ago that I realised it was Wednesday and so time to crack on with the Magical Mystery Fictional Foray into Fantasy land thanks to Rochelle, Queen of flash Fiction on this channel anyway. Thanks to Ted Strutz also for his picture, I’m trying to resist the obvious as ever, so thinking caps on and lets see what comes of it.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Budd Cheeks certainly had no intention of having his stomach stapled. He was old school; Fan of Melon, Raspberry Ripple palette cleanser, Bread-n-Dripping for main, pudding, usually sticky toffee.

Arleen Cheeks had lost a ton and was pressing for Budd to do the same, so they could enjoy some sexy times again.

“Awkward Fumbles over cake Crumbles” remembered Budd.

They’d suggested driving his home to the hospital;because it was undignified to use a crane and flat bed truck.

“TURN LEFT HERE!” shouted Budd, bypassing the junction, “South to Pear Bot Beach, I intend to become a sun leathered Porch-o-Potimus”.

Sorry about this one, possibly brought on by my own lockdown belly, an overweight man is determined to continue his expansion, 100 words!


  1. When the ocean calls, it can not be ignored, Arlene will have to put him on a crab salad diet.🙂


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