This is the Season For Leicester.

In a weekend where my team winning the FA cup was coupled together with torrential rainstorms, in the worst run up to spring ever, walks to paradise and Hell Hole equidistant from our own purgatory in the middle, waiting and waiting to be lied to by the developers and promised great things. Trades coming in and complaining that the job should have been done properly in the first place, when I realise this far too well and have being saying so until the words just seem tedious, flaccid and without meaning anymore, like mucous. We need the sun here, to perk things up, beyond the Mighty Foxes winning the FA cup with a wonder goal, a wonder save or two and a classic goal reversed by VAR. Just the ticket, but a bitter pill for Chelsea to swallow as they regroup in their catacombs to continue their nefarious dark rites in pursuit of medals.

“Up the Bally Foxes” I hear you cry as the Leicester City defence stands strong like Castle Fox, for Fox sake, the football stroked around like mercury by our own magnificent fluid controllers, Lords of footballing alchemy and masters of the Midlands.

“This is the Season for Leicester….” etc for those who know the tune, for those that don’t just google those sweet words.

In a weekend when a really nice meal for us and our friends was cancelled until July, and I met some lads in the pub who were in until midnight on friday, then managed to get back for midday on the saturday, and by 3pm were very sensibly explaining to me that they were going to give the lager about another hour, and then tuck into the gins. The battle hardness of being invincible is not forgotten, I remember being that way, just me, my keys and my wallet. not to mention a terrible dental problem due to an unhealthy amphetamine habit, a real fondness for far too many roll ups and other bad things, too many to mention. I had to leave the chaps to get back home for the game, via the shop for some salty snacks, disappointingly disappointing especially as a small dusty bit of dry roasted peanut got slightly stuck down my wind pipe. Ruining the 10 minutes of coughing and the 10 minutes of aftershocks. It happens with apple too, I need to be very careful chewing an apple.

Night folks. 


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