Systematic Demolition of an Institution

Whoever came up with the idea to slowly chip away at the staff at the coal face, constantly telling them to do things which seem to have been thought up by someone in HQ, someone who has no clue or experience in any part of the job I or my colleagues do, must be a massive tool. And I can only think that to dismantle a perfectly good system under the guise of preventing something, which to my knowledge only happens very rarely anyway, seems to smell a little like a vanity project to safeguard the future, to make it completely airtight and waterproof so that something which never really happens, really won’t happen. But then again I’m not sure why i’m surprised, this is the age of the lunatic.

I’m happy because my evil boss is leaving, which means that everyone in the whole group is ecstatic, but sitting on their hands until he actually fucks off and with a bit of luck we’ll have some one who doesn’t bark at us like some sort of awful genetically modified dog, like bulldog with too much skin on its oesophagus, who could do with swallowing a Biro casing to aid with the breathing. So after a meeting today, we’re slightly closer to knowing when he’ll be going, towards the end of July we hope, and so up until then we’ll have little candlelight celebrations in private, and then a big fuck of party via teams or zoom as we toast the future. 

The funny thing is with work at the moment, is that new systems are coming in which we have to understand, we worked like bastards during the lockdown and did our, not insubstantial, bit to help keep the company afloat and yet the bonus which we have been begrudgingly promised amounts to little more than what I could find on the floor after a gig, or selling off of a few CDs. So to use a footballing analogy, rather topically, they’ve lost the dressing room, and no one gives a shit any more; what was once a proud institution is now little more than a shiny futuristic Head Office, with a bunch of folk who rarely go in, as working in ones pjs rather than fighting through the traffic seemed preferable. So we’ll see how it goes, but theres a long way to go, and I’ve got a while to go too, easing my way into retirement as I would lower myself into a baking hot bath. 

Can’t wait to see what the future holds, theres so many people in my group who won’t speak up in meetings because they’re scarred of the tyrant, but now he’s heading off to North Korea for further training after which he’ll return to a rapturous fanfare and a over the top display of unneccessary weaponry.

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