Disinfect to Abuse

It’s Wednesday, and this time I’m on it… for the forst time in about 3 months, I’m possibly on time and am willing to give my time to you the wonderful band of scribblers under the watchful eye of the supremely leaderish leader Rochelle. This weeks picture from which I have to cobble together some sort of Narrative is provided by Russell Gayer. Its a good picture but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the prose will be anything to write home about…

On My Marks…

Get Set …


The Idea was to form a gang to solve mysteries and such like in and around Toppletown.

Population was around 7000, so statistically enough to harbour a murderer, a couple of non discriminatory rapists (male or female), a score of burglars, double the number in petty thieves and plenty of fraudsters due to the wonky pavements and unfulfilled aspirations.

The Priest gave them the van, telling them it needed a really, really disinfectant type  clean after the crazy roadshows of the 80’s; before they tackle the local crime.

“Catch the bastards. We don’t want DNA tests to be compromised” said the priest.

100 words on whatever it is you imagine it to be, lets face it the Catholic Church haven’t covered themselves in glory in the past. This came out of nowhere and I hope it makes sense.





  1. Vigilantes lead by a priest… what could possibly go wrong?

    My kids call all white vans “pedo vans” as it seems to be the vehicle of choice for picking up errant children…

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