Tuesday Writing Prompt; Never been there.

I’ve never done this, never met either of you all and so have no expectations either way; this way and that to make things clear.

Today’s prompt— Write a poem without using ten words

So this is my first tuesday writing prompt and so I will lose my tuesday virginity to a certain extent. I’m going to post a poem I wrote about 40 years ago, maybe a little less; it’s aged well, there’s puns, metaphors and all sorts in there, but its only short, i’ll be using 11 words which isn’t 10.

Today it is snowing,

And the cows are mo-wing…

the lawn.

(11 Words, not 10 words)

2 things:

Snowing doesn’t rhyme with mooing, but it does with mowing, which gives me the final knockout punch in the fact that they’re mowing the lawn.

Secondly cows can’t mow as they have cloven hooves and not opposable thumbs.

Sorry 3 things.

And thirdly Who mows the lawn when it’s snowing? only a Mooniac I’d say.



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