Friday Fictioneers: The Horror…

Morning all, Ive got an appointment at 10am, so I’ve got a little time to cobble something together, lets see what gives. Thanks to Rochelle for being the hostess with the mostess and keeping this bird flying, and thanks to J Hardy Carroll for the slightly bleak picture. Lets see what I come up with…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Clickety-Clack, clickety-clack.

Tim and Jack had snagged the top bunks in the second class sleeper and were spaced out on valium and  doubtful Rum. Cigarette smoke clung to the fan which was humming, not turning. Jack held the open Bradshaw and was failing to make sense of the timetables from Varanassi Junction, the air blackening the pages.

In the toilet Steph had awful diarrhoea and was crouching  as the tracks rushed underneath his arse, his hands filthy with the pissy excrement  which clung to the walls of the cubicle.

He was beginning to doubt if travelling was for him…

100 words on a small section of an Indian train journey in which I play the role of Jack about 30 years ago! Enjoy!


  1. Having a rather unpredictable digestive apparatus keeps me well-supplied with medication against such horrors when I travel. Nothing worse. If one must have diarrhea, at least try to keep it to the comforts of home!

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  2. UGH, poor Steph. One of my friends, who was almost full term pregnant, and I took a 3-hour group bus shopping excursion (to IKEA in Schaumberg, IL!) and on the way home she suffered projectile vomiting in the tiny bathroom on the bus. Not quite as bad, but still…

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