The stuffing’s coming out

After a thorough dismissal of any sort of science and coming to the conclusion that maybe the best way out of this pandemic, or plague or what ever it is that is ruining and killing folk all over the world is to make like we always do and copy everyone else until we realise we’ve got it wrong, the direction we are travelling isn’t quite as we expected and so the shibboleth of utter cunts who make up our ruling party have decided to close their eyes and count to ten, and try to make something up. 

The way forward is probably being directed by the top government officials (they know who they are) as they play an actually real game of cards against humanity, where our friend Niel, who had had too much of my yellow gin campaigned for the skinning of babies in a salt factory, this is happening for real with the people in charge. Not babies and salt, that was a metaphor but “Freedom Day”; tomorrow, when you can pretend that everything is ok again, when it’s only about to get much, much worse.

Bloody Covid, Fucking Covid, Bloody Johnson, Fucking Johnson. 

His Health secretary has it, Johnson was with him, but he’s on a trial and so he doesn’t have to isolate because, well, he’s a little bit better than the rest of us, but his hair is so funny and he makes me laugh so its ok. But then after an hour he realised that actually there was something he had to remember which was integrity, and so he decided that when Freedomn Day arrives he will have to be behind Covid bars, lets hope he rots there. 

I think its ok for our government to make up policy and how things are run on a day to day basis because, well, thats what they say in murder trials and fraud trials, a “case by case basis” gives everyone a little more time to think up some excuses and send them out to us, your adoring and ridiculously gullible public, or suckers of Satan’s cock, as you probably should be known. 

How much Pus can they palm us off with before something happens? I’m confused. please help me understand, but in honour of our government, i’m going to stay up drinking lager from Aldi until 9am, then i’m going to drive to work, swear at everyone i meet, promise i’ll do the job for them and write a report, piss in their garden (I usually do) and then head off home, claiming far more miles than I’ve actually travelled by doubling it and adding 4, which seems fair. Then I’ll come home and vomit on my dog and put my feet up, and i’ll just keep going until I get to blame someone else, and say that my actions were taken out of context, my words were too but only if theres proof of what I said. 

Fucking shambles, the lot of it.


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