Friday Fictioneers: Ironman

Its that time again, and after my 2 or 3 weeks in the top 5, Ive found my usual position I should imagine, I had to have an argument with my boss over something petty and rather irritating, and so I’m running a little late, approximately 13 hours late. So Thanks  Rochelle for keeping this show on the road and Ted Strutz for the photo, interesting and immediately I had an outline when I saw it this morning. So without further ado…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Iron Man was officially dead according to the Endgame, But there were some conspiracy theorists who couldn’t accept it searching far and wide for this fictional comic hero.

Iron men should look to take on 60-90g of Crabs during an endurance race, and being bothered by these idiots was off-putting.

Especially as I was taking time off from Ionman recruitment consultants to raise money for charity.

When I saw them staring closely at a oily pile of literally chewed up metal vomit I looked to the west and saw a large metal man walking over the hill

There’s the real Iron Man.

Well I gave it a shot, 100 words on various permutations of Iron man


  1. I’m still heartbroken that they killed off Iron Man. Poor Pepper and Morgan. I don’t suppose when you’ve finished raising money for charity you could find some spare parts to resurrect him. In the meanwhile, I’ll read stories about the bits and pieces Ted gave to us. 😀

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    No worries about being late. Here it is Saturday and I’m in an airport trying to catchup. Perfect story for the prompt. Chewed iron vomit? Eew. But not quite as nauseating as the organic variety. 😉



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