Sammi Cox has created a behemoth in the form of the Weekend Writing Prompt, the rules are below and I’m going to have a bash, you may enjoy, you may not, but at least I’m trying…

wk 222 glow

It was dusk and the red glow was intensifying, turning from a pallid blush yellow, the colour of a wretched off white, piss stained, leatherette sofa. 

Darkness was coming I suppose, although it had been pretty gloomy all day, and for a number of days before, everyday was the same, apart from there was less to eat; fewer places to eat. 

The charred remains of where we used to eat, fleetingly visible through the gusting clouds of scorching poison.

As the pile of useless blackened suitcases grew, humans jostled for places on the boats. 

 Sad tale about the world burning, desperation and ruin, and yet people still go on holiday

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