Falmouth Tribulations; The Witching Hour

“We’ve come on holiday by mistake”

A truly classic line from one of my favourite films and a film with which I identify and have partially based my whole life on one of the characters, Withnail; He’s a dangerously unhinged dude, me less so. But the point is I’m in Falmouth with the family and the idea of another family who we love dearly but who have holiday snatched away from them at the eleventh hours, or a day or two before anyway. Fucking Coovid strikes again. Isolation, a ban on going anywhere as the Fun Police stepped in to ruin our friends holiday with us, we’ll just call them Mr and Mrs S (not to be confused with Dr S; another one, but not related) So we sit here, in the house, without our friends, but with a majority share of children, one of whom is really really gutted his mates haven’t been able to join him, and the other two staying out till all hours using their fake ID to get into Mangos Nite Spot, which has the average age of the average work experience nursery school assistant, namely probably about the age my daughter and her friend are. 3:30! 3:30 on Saturday night that is. Mrs T woke me up at 1:30 to ask me if our daughter was in yet, and then I spemnt a good 2 hours simultaneously sending angry texts to my daughter and being kept awake by really noisy booze fuelled natives. I had beer and went to sleep, or at least wanted to they presumably has had beer too and decided to have an early hours ramble around the back next to the bins, without any sympathy for the bastards who rent these houses out over the summer holidays for vastly inflated prices, at the expense of the students who might have liked to spend the summer here, next to the sea. What’s not to like? 

As well as being prevented slumber we are perched up on top of a hill, central Falmouth but a downhill walk to the town and so i’m completing 15000 steps a day, the result of this being that if I have to wait too long for food at meal times I will be hangry and therefore a nightmare to deal with unless fed food or beer for a temporary fix. 

Im knackered and have been interrupted by my daughter who just had her fake ID cut up in front of her and so retired sober, crawling home with there tail between her legs. Hey ho!


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