COVID at last; We’ve been expecting you

Any fanciful ideas or notions that I may have had that a Bank Holiday Monday is anything else other than a day off when everything is closed were confirmed to me when I started to feel slightly awry this afternoon. I was on a magic run with the Yahtzee app and would usually have a word with myself for not putting the damn thing down, but I felt strangely lethargic. My son had tested positive for Covid on Saturday with a lateral flow test when we left Cornwall, the petri dish of the virus, and so after a 6 hour drive Mrs T took him to a drive in centre, where they ask you to stick the poker really far down your throat and really far up your nose, and yet picking ones nose is deemed not socially acceptable, maybe if we all used a poker this could be a way to encourage nose excavation in polite society.

We’ve all had to order PCR tests now, this is the test which tells the truth, and so i’ll be taking mine tomorrow as on a bank holiday it was slightly awkward to get to the post box. But as a precaution we all took another lateral flow test, guess what, the one above is mine and turns out i’m now positive too. Males 2: Females 0, thats the score line in our house right now, we have no data for Benny (also male, but a dog).

So since March 2019 we’ve been living with the fear of Covid, and yet somehow, in our altitude rich stronghold on the Worcestershire Herefordshire border, we have somehow managed to avoid it. I have, of course, been double vaccinated as to cover myself in Aloe Vera and to put my trust in God to protect me would be entirely ridiculous, it still makes me wonder what the fuck these Anti Vaxers are banging on about, wether or not the concentrated at school or if they maybe should have a little word with themselves when they seem to spend hours on their phones getting further and further down into the maelstrom of sub science bollocks. Get a grip people, trust the people who are trying to save you namely the doctors, not the Tories (that’s another story)

With tomorrows PCR test I hope to generate a negative result but i’m not hopeful really, my daughter came back from reading festival this morning too and she’s got an awful cough, but not Covid, yet… She’s had one of the vaccines (not the band) and will soon be taking another I suspect. Hoping the weather is fine tomorrow so I can get outside into my garden, and also hoping that my work tells me to stay off until the quarantine programme is over and my isolation is complete. Lord knows the two kids sound much worse than I do, and Mrs T is holding the ship together. So I’ll probably owe her a big one for this…


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