0’s and 1’s Binary

This evening, I’m doing my blog which everyone hates, but I still carry on, and fuck you lot, but in the world of my world this is how things roll. Tonight in a change from the norm a Twitter friend/ acquaintance has suggested that I write about

“Intolerance to peoples differing taste in music”

In 100 words, I give you…

But its 5:58pm, Friday. Darkoutside

Ordering a tape in Waitrose car park, that’s that.

Is the vinyl Clear, Splattered, Dinked or Lathe Cut?

Picture Disk? Fuck off.

Erasure? You’re having a laugh surely; how dare anyone in their right mind think that the Lighthouse Family should release anything ever again, especially a record.

The train carries on, the records are pressed, we have to buy them, for the music, for the chat, for all the people who dream the same dream.

I am of a certain age, but I know my records, and you’re definitely wrong: Ambient kicks the Arse.


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