Go on Holiday why don’t you?

In no way will I remain stoic over journeying from west to East and back again, I can’t stand the drive and it makes me angry that it takes 4 hours each way. More so, I can do nothing about it, the distance is what it is theres no denying that, I work in distances large and small, so to me it’s an absolute given that 186 miles is just that. What I massively object to are the bloodsucking bastard leech like petrol stations, with added buggery sweet shops. If I want to pay exactly twice what I pay in Clifton upon Teme village shop for the same thing i’d rather give that money to my grumpy bastard shopkeeper there, he’s had enough anyway, its probably time to get someone new in, who’s got £600K spare to spend. Is that you (millionaire investor looking to move to the countryside and fleece the poor fuckers there)? On second thoughts lets wait and see what happens.

The way I see things is pretty clear. The high street is fucked, the city centre is fucked, no one works in an office, everyone shops with Amazon and the other better part of the internet. The shops and offices are emptying, the buildings remain empty, the rates have to be paid by the landlords on empty units, and the high street dies a slow and public death, survived by charity shops selling the possessions of former commercial tenants, and latterly by the landlords, as they empty their wardrobes in a desperate attempt to stay afloat until the roaring ’80’s return, and everyone starts speaking to their neighbours and having street parties again. Something has to give, the same government Tory bullshit has to change, life now is very different for the vast majority today than it was 20, 30, 40 years ago, whatever. The whole world has shifted on its axis and the government is still running this show as it was before the internet arrived. This surely can not be right or sensible, its all very well saying we are going to be this massive “E-and I Economy”  going forward but I mentioned many times before I was going to be a superstar DJ and write a fucking banging book before now and that hasn’t happened either YET, but come one people for fucks sake lets stop these Tories from acting so damn cavalier and seemingly doing what they want to, without a by-or-leave from the rest of the electorate.

My folks are the classic example of massive Tories and as life has progressed speaking of such things has become more and more fraught with actual arguments and I now feel I just have to fill; vacuous shouty conversation about the weather and how to fix the printer remotely, which of course impossible and invariably involves my Dad getting a new printer, putting the old one under the bed with the other used up computer and fax hardware and calling in the neighbour to sort out the issue, while I stand at the phone shouting instructions to people who are trying to stay afloat in the “80s” remember them? I feel we are infighting, I feel that this government is turning folk against each other, when we should all be standing up against this clusterfuck of a bunch of absolute cunts; everyone who I speak to seems to think this way, so why  are they still ghere, with their, well his, specifically, his Etonic sneer, the mop headed bastard, he cares not for us, he cares not for the country, and as time passes his one aim is to see how far he can push it. Its a fucking joke to him,  as is seen clearly with everything he says and the automatic sneer which follows. He’s gone to Spain on Holiday , and why wouldn’t you in a national crisis, lets just hope the sea wasn’t closed as it was for Raab.

What is my point? 

My point is that if I didn’t want to drive west to east and back at a massive cost and much time, and to piss in the most awful Thrapston services, then I could have stayed at home but family is important whichever way you think of it. The problem which I have at the moment is that I have to live in this country because they’ve stopped my free movement, they’re sucking the vim and vigour out of the exciting members of society, the musicians, the artists, the mimers, and because the creative folk have less funding, there’s less progressive conversation. The Tories are sucking the lifeblood out of this country, sterilising our paint and word splattered Smocks and replacing them with neatly pressed brown labcoats of a serious Arkwright who has absolutely no problem with providing you with four candles. We have to live in this, and we deserve better.

Please send help…



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