Twitter Ban: A right of Passage

 My ubiquitous list of things to do, is ever expanding with one thing leading to another and many other things existing on their own and unconnected. Further problems exist in the lack of any thing I can use to write sensibly on my work desk; all that exists now are a couple of sharpies and some blunt pencils having previously been the owner of billions of biros. Stolen from my little jam jar by my Children on their way to school I’d be willing to bet, but not willing to suggest a Pen Amnesty for fear of causing some ridiculous tiff. Its hard enough trying to reason with teenagers’ mood-swings at times as I’m sure many of you here will probably agree. 

So for once my post isn’t about Hospitals and Brexit, Deafness and the worst type of politics, but in  a Ministry first today Ive been barred from Twitter for 12 hours for suggesting we Tar and Feather Boris Johnson and chase him out of town and up into the mountains where he’ll stay hopefully for a very long time, and his blustering and bumbling will become a distant myth.

Night all

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