The Future is pretty close, and I’m getting lighter.

Pinch Punch, etc etc. Haven’t done that for a while, i’ve had the youthful playfulness knocked out of me by this pesky pandemic, i’d suspect. And probably due to the fact that i’m 50 now. But I’ve done some thinking and can conclude several things.

The company I work for has a new 10 years contract worth an awful lot of money and I am lucky enough to start my pension aged 60. So I don’t need to think any further than the next 10 years work wise, then they can try and throw me out if they want,; wouldn’t care.

I’ve only got 2 more company cars before I retire, but probably 4 spin driers until I die. And hopefully 30 more holidays if I play my cards right.

I will have watched my daughter go through Uni and hopefully will still like me by the time its all over, because i’ll need someone to look after me and the Mrs once we’ve lost all our sense of direction and orientation, our moral compasses spinning wildly in a state of confusion. 

Thats it, Oh and the fact that myself and Mrs T have walked 3 miles everyday in January and so have clocked up 106.2 miles in this walk 1000 miles a year challenge, should have got sponsored but everyone is skint at the moment and my aim is to achieve a modicum of Beach presentability before  August; post Poo I was down 1.8kg this morning since January 5th, the weight has dropped and the trend thus far is downwards. All good then.

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