Friday Fictioneers: Window Misadventure

Ok lets go, 2 in a row and the days are getting longer, and Friday Fictioneers are still here under the protectorship of the wonderful Rochelle, good work sister. But of a gloomy moody picture this week, so i wonder what will fall out of may brain onto the page, lets see.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Bazza Barrington, clumsy when sober graceless when drunk, had broken his ankle whilst pleasuring the one he loved; an act of onanism interrupted as he slipped off the oily kitchen window sill into his serpentariam freeing the Reticulated python, Gazza., and shattering reinforced glass all over the paterned carpet tiles.

Gazza slithered away.

Bazza; leafless save for an integument of fuzzy oily fluff, lay procumbent amongst the filthy artificial pasturage, in a considerable amount of pain.

Days later, squinting out through the snake-breath tainted glass, he remembered a film…


“Rear Window.” he sneered, ” he certainly wasn’t no Jimmy Stewart”


  1. Hahaha! You really did make me laugh out loud! Poor old Bazza…a little more attention to personal hygiene, and some contact with other humans and he might have been rescued from the broken serpentarium by a friend.


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