Routine two

After having to work, which is becoming increasingly laborious, due to the constant pressure to Quality Control  bloody everything. I had a job checked a week or so ago, passed it, no problems really, then I get an email back form QC telling me they’ve discussed it and have decided to fail it. I’m not sure what this means for me, probably I have to go onto some lame list somewhere, then pass another job to get back onto the good boy list. Fucks sake, I got told off for not putting brackets around a phone extension the other week, i’m 50 and this sort of micro management is pathetic, that’s what i’m fighting against, which obviously massively pales into insignificance compared to the diabolical despotic war happening over in Ukraine. Life is definitely too short to quibble about parentheses, the workplace should be a place to nurture, not to stunt, as it happens now I’ve completely lost any kind of motivation to put my back out for this bunch of bell ends.

So work gets in the way, but if i’m lucky enough to get to Hay on Wye, then I’ll park up and have a potter around there, which is what happened today. Sometimes at work we take part in a really uninspirational teams meeting in the morning, where we moan and nothing changes. Today thankfully I remembered I had to fill in this appraisal form on how I think management and the company are doing, I told them they were doing really badly and pulled out all the unsweary insults I could, its anonymous, but these things never are really and so i’ll probably have a target on my back for a while, a target no one can see but is given away by a stolen glance or whispered indication: Fuckers.

So works done, I finish cross and sometimes weary, but sometimes i’ll just finish and think nothing of it, i’ve started to turn the laptop off at the wall plug now due to smart meter pressure, so that’s another thing i’ve got to contend with now; we came down for a few days but today’s spend has risen. I usually cook, but barely filled up a glass of water tonight, so cross was I, so I sat on the sofa, watched some bloody football match, 2 teams I really don’t care about in a competition I don’t care about at this stage in the season. So I vegetated, watched more news, its becoming addictive, and the more I watch the further I slip into the what ifs, Cheltenham isn’t far away and its got GCHQ, would we survive a nuke strike on top of the hill here? It’s pretty windy. So I’m usually watching the news and then newsnight and then newscast and then I’ll check the web for more news.

Is Putin dead yet?

Maybe he will be by the morning, stay safe people of Ukraine, I really can-not imagine what you are going through, it’s totally beyond my ken.

And while I think about it, please can I ask The Shrove Tuesday Pancake to smother the whole of the Front Bench of our government in sticky pancake mix roll them up, gag them with pancake mix and hide in a storage cupboard until it sets solid, then we can exhibit you and the feckless imbeciles in the main entrance of the Houses of Parliament as Jabba the Hutt would Han Solo, but in solid pancake mix rather than Carbonite.

And thats all I have to say on the matter, I’m hoping for better news tomorrow morning as we all are. 

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