Paris and the shame of Consumerism

Been in Paris a few days now, and today was a day of contrasts to say the least. I’m absolutely loving the restaurants and cafe bars, not a bad one yet, my French is rusty and regularly mocked by the kids, but I can get by without ordering “Plume de ma Tante” and suffering the cosequences in a Jacques Tati stylee. Todays piece of Boeuf with peppercorn sauce was divine, with a glass of Pouilley Fume and a cloudy beer on a small street parallel to the Champs Elysees, which in my humble opinion is a foul place. The amount of money being shovelled into the tills at the main “Fashion” houses is criminal, and the “fashion” that these places are sometimes selling is utterly ridiculous and is quite obviously designed to make the person buying it feel like they’re getting a bargain and the person behind the tills knowing that that person is a complete c***.

See shoe…

Putting a shit shoe on a soft piece of carpet only succeeds to confirm that this is indeed a really shit shoe, £400. Which would feed a starving family for x weeks, have a word with yourself Paris, you are quite clearly insane with little or no Moral compass. But behind all this bullshit are the people willing to lap it up like the gullible fuckwits they are, living their life through the lens of their camera phones, with absolutely no experience of anything of any worth, and quite frankly we could do without them, lets hope we don’t have a world war any time soon.

Paris is a wonderful place but i’d say, if anyone bothered to ask, that you must avoid the shops in the Champs Elysees, walk miles upon miles until your feet bleed and admire the stunning Haussmann architecture. Ive never seen such a beautiful city, the Seine, the monuments, the relatively small amount of high rise buildings, it feels open and secure, spacious and classy, and despite not being able to visit any record shops yet (Sunday is not looking good, seems no one wants records on the day of rest)

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