Worse and Worse

The weekend came and went, neighbours came round for curry and drinks, England drew another test match on a flat featureless wicket, the sun came out golden and warm on Sunday and we dug a border, I say we, I’ve hurt my hip from over exertion, and so I mainly made myself look busy as Mrs T strained at the spade and I huffed and puffed in and out of the house, making tea, cooking a roast and watching the footy with young master T. Irritatingly our illegal streaming service has stopped streaming premier league games and so the weekly suggestions of having to choose a bride while we search for the games will have to stop. I only say that as scantily clad sexy ladies vie for band width with the various sporting events from around the world on the website we used to use.

And all the while carpets and rugs are used to cover up the dead where they fall in Mariupol, the city destroyed by Putin, the city’s women and children cowering in basements or fleeing as and if they can, reports today of hundreds being bussed out into Russia, destination unknown. Is this what Putin talks about when the talks about the de-nazification of Ukraine and worryingly about the (essentially) ethnic cleansing of its own population; no room for Actors, Musicians, Artists, LGBT folk, outspoken anti war protestors, or even quietly spoken protestors. Many of the people from the creative industries have left for more progressive countries, or at the moment, anywhere else in the world apart from maybe North Korea. These are worrying times and the war seems to get progressively worse day on day, with very little to celebrate. The Ukrainians fiercely fighting and protecting their cities as best they can their brave nation lauded the world over and yet we can not send the troops in, for fear of what he will do next. Genocide in Europe is what we are looking at now, Proven War Crimes of a Bloody Conflict, where Putin tells the citizens to get out of their cities, away from their homes, and then he cluster bombs the fuck out of those very homes, of shopping centres, of hospitals, and we have to stand and watch… And theres nothing we can do until he calls it off, or he accidentally sends a missile over the border into Poland, and that’s when it will all kick off; maybe he wants this to be his legacy, maybe he’s just an evil bastard who wants to bring the whole of Europe back into the dark ages, but purging the clever, the thinkers, the artists, Pol Pot did that, Hitler did that. Its not a good look. 

I really don’t know what will happen tomorrow, suffice to say after waking up, having a piss and Wordle the next thing I do is to check if someone has taken him out. I read somewhere today there’s a billion dollar bounty on his head, that would interest a whole army of mentalists trying to infiltrate the Kremlin and do the deed. Somethings got to give. 

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